We believe in doing more of the things which really matter in life:

  • spending time with family & friends
  • exploring fun & exciting things
  • learning something new
  • helping others
  • keeping healthy in mind, body & soul

We also know this is easier said than done. Life gets busy.... chaffuering the kids around, working just a little longer, doing all neccessary things like making dinner, laundry, grogery shopping, etc. We get it. We've fallen into that daily rat race.

BUT unless you're purposeful on how you spend your time - weeks, months, years will go by and you'll find you haven't done that "thing" which is important to you.

So for us, we've decide to take control of lives and be VERY intentional in what we do with our hours and days. This is why we started Bloomdocking and the 20 Hour Work Week Movement - to design a life where you can make enough money through passive income to have more time!

Join us in the journey to be purposeful in life. If you need some inspiration, please check out these videos... but don't view them too long. Get out and focus on what really matters!

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Health & Well Being

Keeping healthy in mind, body & soul

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Exploring fun & exciting new things!

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Learning something to grow as a person

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Helping Others

Helping family, friends, & our community

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