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Finding Your Sweet Spot

Use this guide to help you explore ideas and discover who you want to serve.

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How to generate business ideas

Explore Business Ideas

Brainstorming Business Ideas

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Hi - We're Oie & Darren Dobier

We're business strategists with over 20 years of experience who caught the entreprenuer bug in 2016 and we've never looked back.  

After 4 years of starting and running a small outdoor outfitter business, we are taking our lessons learns along with our strategy experience and designing a new lifestyle.

A life which includes more family, friends, adventures and something we call PROJECT 18 - it involves buying an airstream, selling our house and hitting the road to explore 365 days of the year!

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The 20 Hour Work Week Podcast

Our weekly podcast covers tips, tricks & case studies associated with starting & running a success online business with just a 20 hour work week.

Learn how adopt these strategies into your own business today!

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