Not sure if your business idea can earn you enough money?


We can help! In our LIVE 2 hour workshop, we'll walk you through step-by-step on how to:

  • Calculate the amount of money you need to earn based on your current income, paid time off and health benefits.
  • Research the size of your niche to understand the pool of potential customers available to engage and attract.
  • Research your competitors’ product offerings and prices to confirm you're in the ballpark with your prices.
  • Experiment with pricing of your product offerings to see how the number of customers you need to attract effects your feasibility.

... and ultimately determine if you should take the next step with this business idea – completing a business plan. You'll be one step closer to starting your online business!

- Oie & Darren Dobier


The next session is July 25, 2020. Notify me when this workshop is available!