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Harnessing Momentum: The Key to Sustained Success for New Business Owners

May 15, 20245 min read

Starting a business is akin to setting a ship to sail. The initial stages are filled with challenges and uncertainties, but once you catch the right wind—or in business terms, secure your first customers—the journey ahead becomes more promising. For new business owners, this phase of initial customer interaction is crucial as it lays the foundation for understanding what works and what doesn’t in your business model.

What’s Working? Then Do More Of It. A Lot More.

Once your business secures its first batch of customers, a pattern begins to emerge that highlights your strengths and, perhaps more importantly, your favorite type of customer. These are the customers who not only bring business but whose needs align perfectly with what you offer. They appreciate your work, communicate effectively, and their projects are both enjoyable and profitable. Recognizing this group early on can shape a more targeted and successful business strategy.

Why Focus on What Works?

  1. Builds Confidence: Success breeds confidence. Focusing on what works reassures you that your business has the potential to grow and thrive.

  2. Efficient Use of Resources: By identifying and enhancing successful aspects of your business, you allocate your time, energy, and finances more effectively.

  3. Enhances Customer Satisfaction: Delivering products or services that align with what your favorite customers love ensures higher satisfaction rates, which can lead to repeat business and referrals.

  4. Streamlines Marketing Efforts: Knowing who your ideal customers are allows you to tailor your marketing efforts more precisely, increasing the efficacy of your campaigns and reducing waste.

How to Identify and Expand on What Works

1. Gather Feedback: Regular feedback from customers provides invaluable insights into what aspects of your product or service resonate most. Use surveys, direct conversations, and monitoring social media interactions to gather this feedback.

2. Analyze Your Successes: Look at your most successful projects or sales. What do they have in common? Is there a specific product line that’s performing exceptionally well, or a marketing strategy that’s bringing in great leads?

3. Monitor Customer Behavior: Use analytics tools to track how customers interact with your business online. Which pages do they spend the most time on? What content generates the most engagement or leads?

4. Adjust and Iterate: With the data you’ve gathered, start refining your offerings. Increase investment in high-performing areas, and consider scaling back on those that don’t perform as well.

5. Educate and Innovate: Keep learning about your industry and stay ahead of trends. This not only helps in improving your current offerings but also in innovating new ones that could appeal to your ideal customer base.

Example: Health and Wellness Service Specializing in Cryotherapy

Imagine you've launched a health and wellness center that offers cryotherapy—a cutting-edge treatment known for its benefits in reducing inflammation, easing muscle pain, and enhancing recovery among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Given that cryotherapy is relatively new and not widely understood by the general public, increasing awareness and customer base becomes a critical challenge.

Initial Observations

  1. Early Adopters: The initial customers are mainly athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are already aware of cryotherapy's benefits. They use your services post-workout for recovery.

  2. Customer Feedback: These customers report significant improvements in recovery times and decreased muscle soreness. They are enthusiastic and become regular users.

  3. Community Interest: You notice increased curiosity about cryotherapy at local sports events and gyms, although many people are still unaware or skeptical about the treatment.

Strategic Actions Based on What Works

Educational Workshops and Seminars: To demystify cryotherapy and educate potential customers, you start hosting free educational workshops and seminars. These are held in collaboration with local gyms and sports clubs, targeting fitness enthusiasts who can benefit most directly from cryotherapy. The sessions include a brief history of cryotherapy, its benefits, demonstrations, and a free trial session for first-timers.

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies: You leverage the positive feedback and stories from your early adopter customers by creating engaging testimonials and case studies. These are shared on your website, social media, and in local community newsletters. Highlighting real-life benefits experienced by real people helps in building credibility and interest.

Influencer Partnerships: Partnering with local fitness influencers and coaches who can advocate for the benefits of cryotherapy in their regular routines. These influencers share their experiences with cryotherapy through their social media platforms and during training sessions, thus reaching a broader audience.

Promotions and Referral Bonuses: To encourage trials, you introduce promotions like "Bring a Friend" discounts and membership deals for those who sign up at the workshops. A referral program also incentivizes existing customers to bring in new clients by offering them service credits or discounts for each referral.

Engaging Social Media Strategy: You start to use platforms like Instagram and Facebook to post about daily operations, share behind-the-scenes content, and highlight customer testimonials. You host live sessions to answer questions in real-time and show the cryotherapy process.


By focusing on the educational aspect and leveraging the positive experiences of early adopters, the health and wellness center successfully increases awareness about cryotherapy. The strategic use of workshops, influencer partnerships, and targeted marketing allows the business to not only educate the community but also dismantle skepticism around the new modality. As a result, customer footfall increases significantly, and the business sees a substantial rise in regular clients, effectively growing its market presence by fourfold.

This example highlights how a business in a niche and relatively unknown health service can effectively increase awareness and customer base by focusing on what works—leveraging early positive feedback and educating potential customers.

The One Thing ⬇️

Focus on your strengths. As a new business owner, once you discover what's working, it’s imperative to capitalize on these insights. Expand on your successes and make them the cornerstone of your business growth strategy. Remember, the goal isn’t just to attract more customers, but to attract more of the right customers—those that will drive the most value for your business and help you sustain long-term growth.

In essence, the more you understand your business and customers, the more effectively you can serve them, ensuring not just survival but prosperity in the competitive business landscape.

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Owner and Business Coach of Bloomdocking

Oie Dobier

Owner and Business Coach of Bloomdocking

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