Oie Dobier

Business Coach, Speaker & Vanlife Enthusiast

Oie Dobier

Business Coach, Speaker & Vanlife Enthusiast

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Dynamic, Engaging, & Experienced

Passionate about exploration and freedom, I guide entrepreneurs to build businesses that align to what they want in life. Specializing in relatable talks, I connect deeply with entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be and think like entrepreneurs. I focus on actionable strategies that let them ditch the energy-drainers and zero in on what matters - the customers!

Signature Topics

  • Discover The Secret To Always Achieving Your Goals

  • Finding & Feeding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

  • 3 Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner to Build Your Business Confidence

  • Steer, Don't Drift: Shaping Your Business with Intention

  • Ready for Growth? Discover the Changes Your Business Needs Now

Specific for High School Students

  • Fact or Fiction: The Real Scoop On Starting A Business

  • Leadership: Are you a human doer or a human being?

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