Episode #23: How TikTok Ban Highlights Email Importance

run the business Aug 07, 2020

We’ve mentioned the importance of collecting email addresses from your ideal audience before (listen to podcast #12), but today we want to re-emphasize this topic and go a little deeper for you!

Email addresses often sound like a slightly outdated marketing tactic, especially when compared to the constant parade of new social media platforms and other marketing channels that are always new and changing. But email is a consistent, reliable way of contacting your audience - one that has withstood all of these trends! And with increased public scrutiny around social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as talk of a potential TikTok ban, email addresses have become even more important.

5 Reasons Email Addresses Are Important For Business

You Get Direct Access to Your Audience

Social media platforms are plagued by algorithms, rules, and who knows what else that can prevent your audience from seeing your message. Email isn’t! You can send messages and information directly to your ideal audience and know exactly who sees it and who doesn’t.

Social Media Platforms Come and Go

It might seem like social media platforms like Facebook are infallible, but in reality, nearly every platform will rise and fall at some point. MySpace, Vine, and many other social media sites were once thought to be permanent fixtures, but they’re no longer viable marketing channels. Email has stood the test of time, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Social Media Preferences Change

Whether for political reasons, privacy concerns, or any number of other reasons, people can change their social media platform of choice at any time. But since an email address is required for whatever new platform they flock to, you can be sure that you’ll always be able to reach your audience in their inbox.

Paid Social Media Ads Are Expensive

If you try to bypass social media algorithms with paid ads, you might find yourself overspending your marketing budget. Paid ads are expensive, and the results aren’t always guaranteed. Email marketing is a much more cost-effective method with a much higher return on investment.

Email Still Reigns Supreme

Email marketing via a curated list of emails is still the most successful method available to marketers today.

Who Should You Collect Emails From?

When collecting emails from people, it’s critical that you strive for getting email addresses from your ideal audience—what we call qualified people. You only want to include people who actually fit the profile of your target audience.

This means you shouldn’t do things like buy a list of email addresses that fit a broad demographic, or offer a giveaway that will appeal to too many people, like a free TV. Instead, you need to provide a valuable freebie or a small offer that is directly related to your product or service offering—this will ensure that the people you’re targeting are legitimately qualified leads.

Listen to Episode #23 Now!

Getting email addresses from your ideal audience is the best way to communicate with them directly. It’s a reliable and consistent means of connecting with your prospective customers that rises above the changing trends of social media, while also being more measurable and more cost-effective than some other marketing channels.

In future episodes, we’ll go behind the scenes of our email collecting methods to tell you what we did, what the results were, and which tactic we prefer. Stay tuned!

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