Episode #3: The Keystone to Success for Online Entrepreneurs

change your mindset Mar 09, 2020

What is the Keystone to Success for an Online Business?

A keystone provides stability to the structure of an arch. It’s the single most important piece of the structure. What provides that stability for entrepreneurs with online businesses?

Some might say it’s marketing, or innovation, or any number of other important things. But even the sum total of those elements won’t be enough to bring sustainable success to your business. What will?

Hunger and drive. Successful online entrepreneurs have a core motivation giving them the stamina to run their business day-in and day-out. This drive and passion infuses every part of the business: the marketing, the products, the customer service, and every other component of a successful online business.

Why Do Online Entrepreneurs Need Hunger and Drive?

Starting, running, and growing an online business can be difficult and draining. Without a persistent drive underlying everything you do, you’ll lack the energy you need to get your business essentials done.

A lack of drive and motivation is one of the 6 pitfalls to avoid when running a business that we discussed in our first podcast episode: Pitfall #4 is choosing a product or service that you have no motivation to deliver to customers or clients. Having the motivation in a certain niche makes it much easier and more exciting to work on your online business, making it easier to stick to the 20 hour work week. You’ll have the energy to take care of everything your business needs, from complex big picture tasks to the menial day-to-day duties of online entrepreneurs.

If you don’t have hunger and drive, you’re missing the motivation to get things done. If you can’t get things done, you’ll lack certainty and belief in yourself, and the success of your online business will be limited. 

How to Find Your Hunger

What exactly is the kind of hunger we’re talking about? Think back to a time when you were excited to work on something: this could be a new job, a new side project, or a specific assignment you were given.

How did you feel approaching this project? Excited, surely, and perhaps also nervous. But underneath these feelings there was likely a determination to succeed and confidence that you would. These feelings are the core of the hunger you need to succeed as an online entrepreneur and be a vibrant part of the 20 Hour Work Week Movement.

There are two main components to finding or creating your hunger: Belief and Focus. We discuss these in great detail in the podcast, but we’ll give you a sneak peek of our tips and tricks here.


Hunger comes from a belief in yourself. Believing in yourself is often easier said than done, so we’ve got a few ways you can cultivate belief in yourself and develop your hunger and drive. 

  • Practice believing. Believe in yourself. Believe you have unique and important skills and talents that set you apart. Believe that the world needs and wants what you offer!
  • Understand the relationship between momentum and belief.
  • Explore your unlimited potential. Humans have extraordinary and limitless potential, and we can see this in countless stories every day. Oie shares her story of tapping into her potential by training to complete a marathon despite not being a runner.

In the podcast episode, we’ll walk you through a visual exercise from Tony Robbins that demonstrates the connection between belief, momentum, and potential and sets you on the path to creating your hunger.


Channel your belief in yourself into a laser-focus on the fundamentals of your internet business. Here are three key areas to focus on as you embark on your online entrepreneur journey. 

  • Build your business on your unique skills and talents. What sets you apart from other online businesses? What can you and you alone bring to the table? Don’t get caught up being like somebody else—channel your focus into being you.
  • Understand your customers. Who are you serving? Who needs what you have to offer? Understanding your customer base is a continuous journey, but when you find your perfect niche, you’ll be more energized and motivated than ever before.
  • Obsess over serving your customers creatively! As you cultivate your customer base, you’ll find ways in which you can uniquely meet their needs. Take it a step further by going above and beyond to find special ways to delight your customer.

Check out the full episode to hear more stories and examples of these principles in action—including a sweet story about a restaurant going above and beyond to celebrate our daughter’s birthday.

Channel Your Hunger Into Action 

With belief and focus comprising your hunger and drive, it’s time to channel it into action. If you are at the beginning of your online business journey, download our Finding Your Sweet Spot guide that will walk you through combining the elements of hunger and drive to help you find the perfect combination of what you love, what the world needs, and what you’re great at.

In the episode, we’ll walk through Darren’s results from using the Sweet Spot guide to show you exactly how it works and how it can help you. 

Listen to Episode #3 and Find Your Hunger!

The keystone of success for your online business is simple: a hunger and drive that motivates everything you do in every aspect of your business. This hunger gives you the energy and stamina to see your business grow and put in the work even when you don’t feel like it. It’s what turns your dreams of independence and the 20 hour work week a reality.

Create your hunger by believing in yourself and focusing on the fundamental aspects of your business—particularly your customers and understanding everything about them. Bring it all together by understanding your sweet spot of what you love, what you’re good at, and what the world needs.

If you want more inspiration, listen to this episode of the Tony Robbins podcast on the secrets of peak performance that we mention in our conversation.

Listen to the episode for more tips, stories, and exercises to help you find and create your hunger!

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